Mrs. Mercer named
to PWJ office
The Piney Woods Journal is happy to announce the appointment of Mrs. Shannon Hemphill Mercer to the staff in our Winnfield, Louisiana office.

Mrs. Mercer, who joined the Journal in March, occupies a new staff position, National Marketing Manager, with responsibility for developing new readership and advertising clientele in the larger Middle South region served by The Journal. In addition, she is responsible for maintaining current subscription files, and assisting with the development of the growing retail bookselling division, The Piney Woods Bookshelf, operated in conjunction with monthly publication of The Piney Woods Journal at our location at 609 East Main Street in Winnfield.

Shannon will work alongside the veteran sales representative and General Manager, Patricia Wendt of Dodson, who has been a vital part of The Piney Woods Journal business development almost from the beginning, and who continues to serve the commercial community of North Louisiana.

Mrs. Mercer grew up in Winn Parish, daughter of Gary Hemphill, who served as mill manager at the Willamette Industries lumber manufacturing plant, and continued with Weyerhaeuser Company at Dodson for 27 years before his retirement. She is also the daughter of Edith Hemphill Rougeau, a Winnfield native and Autumn Leaves employee for many years. Mrs. Rougeau then resided in Zwolle for 30 years before passing in November of 2006.

Shannon is a graduate of Winnfield Senior High School, and attended Northwestern State University at Natchitoches with courses in Computer Information Systems and general studies. She was employed at the Sabine Index weekly newspaper in Many, and has held jobs locally in retail and service businesses, which with her forestry-oriented early family life gives her a unique familiarity with the people and issues in the commercial and business life of the local community.

Shannon is married to Craig Mercer, who worked for Willamette/Weyerhaeuser for 21 years before joining LaSalle Correctional Center in Urania. They have two boys, Dale and Brandon Mercer. Dale is 19 and employed by Six C. He is married to Anna Swisher and they have a one-year old son Daniel. Brandon is a student at Dodson High School, soon to be entering his Senior year. Shannon welcomes the public to contact her for information about subscriptions, advertising needs, or book purchases.