Surprise! It’s an alligator!

By Shannon Mercer
Journal Staff

Some days you just never know what can happen on the way home from Walmart. A few weeks ago my husband and I took our weekly trip to get groceries and the usual house full of supplies.

On the way home we took our usual route down Thomas Mill Road, past Six C's, PBS Lumber, and JKM Pulpwood. My husband always drives so I can read my Nook. Yes I'm addicted.

While I had my head down being completely unobservant as usual, I heard Craig say "What in the world?" I glanced up in time to watch the car in front of us swerve to the other side. I didn't know what was happening when my husband did the same swerving to the other side and abruptly turned in at PBS. I asked what was going on and he said, "There's an alligator on the road!"

Okay, those were not the words I even came close to imagining would come out of his mouth. I replied, "What... huh... a what?" Confusion is an understatement for the expression I know I had on my face. He checked traffic, pulled out and we drove past this monster on the road. He was huge! All I could do was keep my stunned-beyond-belief gaze on the alligator just lounging on the road like he/she had set up house.

It took up the whole side of the road and we just had to turn around again at the Dish place so I could take pictures of this unbelievable sight. There was really an alligator on the road! I think our whole conversation concerning these few minutes of three passes in front of this thing was.. What?... really?... is that?...that's really a live alligator, needless to say we were both almost speechless. I heard that we have had others captured in Winnfield before but this was my first encounter with one that wasn't being "wrastled" by one of the Swamp People. I was stunned but thrilled to see him and we placed a call to make sure someone was coming from animal control. Well that was right after our third pass and I had to lean out the window and say "Smile pretty for me" as I took some really good photos of a very interesting creature. He gave us a shock and surprise and to tell the truth made my day, but I'm glad no one got hurt. I was told later that officers blocked the road and moved the alligator to a safe place.

Good luck Mr. Alligator hope you had a safe trip back were you belong.